Three generations, a great passion for viticulture

Starting from 1971, the Banelli family begins their direction of the Tenuta, and hires paid laborers. A few years later, in 1976, Anna Maria and Primo begin the restauration of the Borgo and the agricultural enterprise. With passion and tenacity, carried through with their challenge, joined by their children Alessio and Isabella. With the birth of the little Allegra, we reached the fourth generation: a tale begun in 1946 and of which we're already writing the Future! Yes, because today that dream turned into 42 hectares of vineyard and 6000 olive trees, selected among the most prestigious crops.

Our tale runs far in the past.

The lands decorating our Tenuta were, once, a place of rest for travelers, along the Via del Sale that connected Roma and Rimini. The fertile and welcoming soul of these fields welcomed the locals. The company used to be divided into four estates, in each one of which resided patriarchal "Great Families". The numerous and powerful arms worked constantly until the industrial development of the 60's turned them into workers, causing the emptying of the countryside. 

Just like it used to be...

Just like it used to be, we employ the "Great family" of all the agriculutral operators that work at the Tenuta and that again approached the relationship with earth and nature.