In the nature, just outside Arezzo

Borgo Il Palazzo sits on a typical hillside in Tuscany, at an altitude of about 380 m, surrounded by the vines and olive groves of the estate. Although very close to the city of Arezzo (to the north east), we are surrounded by nature, but don’t worry, the atmosphere is also rich with history!

Middle ages

In the late Middle Ages, the estate took on the appearance it more or less has today. There are many precious traces from that period, both in terms of architecture and
“legend”. Would you like to know more? The breakfast room has been converted from the stone apse of a Romanesque church and can boast, like all of the churches of that period, some excellent acoustics!

It is said that the estate dates back to the Etruscans, a proud and ancient people who lived in this area during the 7th century B.C., although its name - Il Palazzo - comes from the conquerors of the Etruscans, the Romans. Our hamlet was in fact a “statio”, a military station along the Salt Road (also known as the Via Arminensis or Via Livia), joining Rimini to Rome.

S. Cecilia chapel (XII sec)

But our vineyards also conceal a few “gems” that you can easily find by walking about, such as the chapel Santa Cecilia (12th century), which was the first diocese of Arezzo. But not only! One of our vineyards, the most easterly facing, is called Poggiogallo, because during the wars between Guelphs and Ghibellines that took place during the Middle Ages, a golden cockerel [gallo] was buried there.

Town and countryside

The story flows quickly and we are now in the Fifties. The hamlet was lived in by four families who farmed the surrounding land. Due to urban development in the period, our countryside risked becoming deserted when the Banelli family decided to buy the property, estate included!


The restoration of the hamlet began in 1976. On one hand, the aim was to create a peaceful oasis with all the comforts of the nearby city together with the poetry of the
Tuscan countryside; on the other, it was to recover and make the most of the original architectural heritage.

Present Day

Each of our perfectly renovated apartments with all modern conveniences, preserves the charm and ambience of the old rooms: the wine cellar, stables, granaries and large hay barns now have a new identity, transformed into super-comfortable accommodation for your stay.