The nobility of the countryside

Three generations, a great passion for viticulture

Annamaria Banelli and her husband Primo strongly believed in the Tenuta project. With passion and tenacity, carried through with their challenge, joined by their children Alessio and Isabella. With the birth of the little Allegra, we reached the fourth generation: a tale begun in 1946 and of which we're already writing the Future!




Our apartments

Our wines

Everyday we listen to the pulsating heartbeat of our Tenuta.

Surrounded by a serene and welcoming nature, which recalls the genuine times of the rural life, the winery encloses from the most authentic traditions to the sofisticated innovations, elevating to a perfect symbiosis.


The experience

A fresh pool located among secular olive trees, gorgeous rosmarino and lavender bushes, while the sight gets lost among the vineyards. Along the horizon, vigilant and limpid, the medioeval silhoutte of Arezzo city. The internal paths of the Tenuta and Borgo constitute courses for unforgettable walks in the name of Well Being and discovery of our roots.




Do you want to make the most beautiful day in your life truly special? Il Borgo Il Palazzo can accomodate your guests, with it's spectacular vineyard terraces illuminated by marvelous light tricks. Il Borgo Il palazzo, furthermore, despite being in a calm and secluded position, is only a few kilometers away from Arezzo: comfortably reachable but in the open countryside.

The winery

Earth, stone, wood and steel blend harmoniously inside with cutting-edge winemaking technology, which oversees the stages of vinification, storage and aging of wines.



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